Need to play the voicefile


Am using asterisk 1.8 ,

My concern is iam dialing outgoing number from the soft phone,when iam dialing currently iam getting the telephone line there any option where we can play the voice file to the person who is calling until the other person pick up phone.

Like an ex : my softphone extension 123 and iam calling 456 from 123

if 456 is busy or not answering 123 should not able to listen,123 should able to hear only the voice file until the 456 answer the call.

Asterisk 1.8 is no longer supported and there is no supported version of FreePBX that has Asterisk 1.8 on it. You’re kind of in a position of needing to upgrade in order to get help with anything.

now iam able to do with musiconhold configuration …anyway thanks for the replay