Need to play greeting when someone picks up the receiver for abandoned calls

hi guys,

Is there any way that when my agent picks up the phone receiver they can listen a greeting like “you have 4 missed calls”

How can I implement this ?


You’d need to use a hangup handler which will determine if the call was answered, missed, left VM etc.
Then it’ll store the necessary data in a DB

You’ll have to setup the phone in hotline mode to dial a custom context which will look up the data and play back to the user.

If you are asking me, I think that an email or an application that feeds them the data makes more sense…

ok let’s talk about the email or an application. how can we get this data there ?

You’ll either have to use a hangup handler to write to a DB/send emails, or AMI/ARI.

but I need this on run time not on hangup

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