Need to make a conference call without using a conference bridge

Hii Guys I need to make a general conference call using My ip phone( for example: in an ongoing conversation I would want to add a second person on the same line). I would’nt want to use the conference bridge option where we call the conference number and use admin pin or user pin to join conference …

Most IP phone have a conference feature built in that functions like a 3-way call. What model phone do you have?

Most of the IP phones I’m familiar with will still use a conference bridge of some kind. I doubt that it’s a function of the phone, though, unless the call was to an IP-Phone interface. Even then, I don’t think you can get there without some kind of server-based conference bridge.

Having said that, I believe that there are facilities in Asterisk for three-way calling that make something like this happen relatively easily.

No it is a function of the phone. They merge multiple sip streams together. It does not require a conference bridge of any sort.

To invite a third party may find useful perhaps this:

Action: Originate
Channel: local / 800 @ from-internal
Exten: 334 *** 209
Callerid: 800
Priority: 1
Context: from-internal
ActionID: 981

While If you really want to transform a call to two taking place at a conference and invite a third party you can do so:

Action: Redirect
Channel: SIP / 19-000001bf
ExtraChannel: SIP / 10-000001be
Context: from-internal
Exten: 800
Priority: 1

As stated, your phone should have the option to do such a thing. The polycom phones have the option show on screen when you are in a call. I’ve also seen the options on the Cisco SPA ATAs. I imagine MOST IP phones have this functionality.

I can confirm Aastra/Mitel and Sangoma also these features. Sangoma’s can have up to 5 on a line.

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Thank you guys I found a way to make a conference call ,Though it was a default feature I didn’t know how to use it before .