Need to change the message that you get for class of service

We have class of service setup for different locations and times. If you try calling one of the locations that is not within the time conditions they are getting “all circuits are busy” . We want to play a different message that we have recorded. How can I change this message.


The destination on the time condition is not working for playing an alternate message? One easy thing I could think of is to actually replace the “All circuits are busy” file with your recording, but keep the same name. But that would cause your new recording to be played anytime all circuits are busy would be used. That may or may not be a big deal.

Please explain why you are using class of service. Typically, your inbound route would go to a time condition. When matched, it would route to your queue or ring group; unmatched would play an announcement or take a voicemail.

It is for outbound calls to meet legal conditions that we have.

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