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I need to know how to archive my emails. I tried the method which is available on the web but didn’t get any success and also I lost some of my mail. If anyone can suggest a method it’ll be helpful.

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You could arrange for your MTA (Mail YTransfer Agent, Likely PostFix) to bcc (blind carbon copy) all mails traversing it to a mailbox specifically for archiving.

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I guess you tried the manual method. There are more options such as to hire an expert or you can use online and offline tools. But I recommend you to search the web before to try out any of these methods.

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I don’t even know if they are still around, but Barracuda Systems has a bunch of email handling systems that you can add to your network.

They are for things like government accountability requirements and fiduciary services, and may not make sense for a small installation, but that’s another way to go.

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Here I found the solution if you want to know

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