Need some VoIP over VPN help

I have a freePBX box behind a PFsense firewall. I’ve been attempting to connect softphones to the server via OpenVPN. I can get the softphones to register, and ring but no audio either way. Where would I start on troubleshooting this issue?

You are probably missing the VPN subnet(s) from the Local Networks section of Asterisk SIP Settings.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve added the tunnel networks to the config. Still that same issue. No audio either way.

Time to wireshark and sngrep the connection.

Some softphones need NAT=yes set for the extension, even tough there is a VPN, in order to detect the correct PBX IP address. For example Zoiper, or CSipSimple.

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Don’t forget the firewall either.

Thank you, that was the only issue. I just didn’t restart the service after I added the local networks.

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