Need some helpful information

Hello everyone,

I am in need of some help. I am a Web developer(PHP). Now my client wants me to install freepbx (to his website) for him and I really have no idea how to do it. Can I install it on my computer first and check if everything is fine then to him computer? Can anyone help me by telling me the process I should follow? I would be glad.

Thank you.

FreePBX is a manager (WEBUI) for Asterisk. You need to have Asterisk installed. Without it you essentially have a Ferrari without an engine.

Thank you for the video but how can I install it to the server? And I need a second PC to install it?


There are many guides available on installing FreePBX and Asterisk on the web.

The method that tm1000 provided is for installing a complete distro which basically reformats your drive so everything on that drive is lost. There are guides to installing a LAMPA stack by hand which would alloy you to onstall on an existing computer.

Since you are not very familiar with telephone/Asterisk and FreePBX you are probably best off using a dedicated system for testing. You can also run in a virtual machine so you can try things out before you decide to jump into managing a telephone system.