Need some help with custom contexts

I need to replace the app-blacklist-check function with my own code.
I thought the clean way to do that would be to create a [app-blacklist-check-custom] context in extensions_custom.conf and add my code there.

I did that, and the dialplan shows a new context “app-blacklist-check-custom”, but my code is never executed on blacklist lookups.

[app-blacklist-check-custom] exten => s,1,Noop(Hit the custom code)

Can anyone give me a nudge here?

you do a asterisk reload after editing the file? when asterisk starts it reads the files and keeps them in memory until it is told to reload them.

i’m new in asterisk, and i installed freepbx with the asterisk, i also need some help regarding to configure my custom contexts, like where is can permit or allow calling from extension to extension
and also configure call forwarding when busy.

any idia

“Dialplan show” shows the stuff in there, but it is in the …-custom context, not replacing the context as I expected it to.
I am not clear on how that is supposed to work.
Anyway, I took my code out of there and created a separate context which is called from the dial plan. So my stuff is working now, but I still wonder about the cleanest way to accomplish this would be.

Basildane, This is a good place to start: Asterisk: The Future of Telephony 2nd Edition (ISBN 0-596-51048-9) — Order yours at — Free downloadable PDF

It will give you a good overview of dialplans and how they operate.