Need Solution , Customization ! Need Advice

hello everyone , i need your help , i have task in project , i will try explain what i need to do with freepbx,

Task and Goal:
Customers be able to call to some people but only Via my Freepbx, i want to record all Such calls.

My Plan , scenario:

when customer will call to my company number… after IVR welcome message, she/he will tape : digits for example : 3311 , and call going to mobile number corresponding to 3311 via trunk.
IDs(digits) and mobile numbers will be different , on each case.
i will have records on database about digits with corresponding mobile number.

As i guess, i need Custom Dial Plan and IVR but i have not experience writing custom codes ,
i am waiting your suggestions , thanks

All of this is straight “out of the box” functionality.

I’m not sure you need an IVR - an announcement will probably work. An IVR would work as well, I’m just not sure you need one yet.

Set up virtual extensions or custom extensions that point to the cell phone number you want to call and the “hard part” is done.

can you give example how set ? :slight_smile:

In Applications, there is a section called “Miscellaneous Destinations”. In these, you can create a destination which corresponds to a normal destination (like voicemail or announcements) but can do things like dial a cell phone. Set up one of each of these for your cell phone destinations.

Next, you can set up custom extensions. Each of these can corresponds to a dialable 4-digit extension. Point these to the cell phone destinations you want to use.

If you set up IVR and turn on “direct dialing” in the IVR, you can play the announcement (if you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time or press ‘1’ for whatever).

The extensions can be mapped to one cell phone, but you can map as many as you want to a specific phone (they can all point at the same cell phone destination if you want).

When you get that set up, you can also set up a DISA connection with callback to your cell phones that allows your CSRs (or whatever) to call back through the PBX, record the call, and have the caller ID be your office and not their cell.

i will have thousands of 3-4-digits with pointed thousands cell phone numbers in database and every day those numbers will increase. it must be automated script somehow

FreePBX is probably not what you need here, it is a PublicBrancheXchange , so not really friendly for dozens of changes a day, depending on your call volume, then you might well find a better fit with just plain old asterisk and’ real time ’ databases

(SIP proxies like kamailio also would work if your call volume is high)

call volume is not high ,
it will be web-site call center , and system will be like that i.e ebay , user want to call seller,
and seller number will be MYcompany number and seller id ,

when user call to Mycompany than after probably IVR he will tape seller ID and call goes to seller via pbx , those sellers number with their cell phones every day increasing some times seller changes cell phone and etc…
whole i need this because i do not want to user know seller cell phone number…
and what you said i must forget do it with Freepbx ?

I didn’t say it can’t be done with FreePBX . It’s just not necesaarily the right tool. Asterisk has a fast and furious sqlite3 engine and dialplan primitives to interact, I would leverage that and not go with an external database, then a simple dialplan to route the calls appropriately and record them, this would all be ‘custom code’ and at the end of it there just is no need of the overhead of a PBX , the realtime link I posted let’s you asyncronously update your databases without needing to constantly reload your dialplan which as your database grows needs more and more resources.

I guess , i couldn’t introduce my task nicely…
volume change and load to PBX not will be high… also i want to simplify task…
so i will update database with records , its no problem…
just only i need is custom code of asterisk and place where to add this code . that’s all

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