Need info on Base Edit

I have a yealink profile. The account 1 is setup for
Label: 101
Display Name=101
Auth name: 101
Password: Password
Sip Server:
Port: 5060

I would like to modify baseedit file. I would like to know the location of the profile and the best way to edit it. I need to add the following info for account 2
Label: 201
Display Name=201
Auth name: 201
Password: Password
Sip Server:
Port: 5160

Once the file was manually edit, what will happen if the did some modification using End Point Manager? Will I lost my manual edit?

Thank You

I’m pretty sure that’s not that’s supposed to work. You should be specifying variables with the values you want pulled from the configuration and apply those. The Basefile is supposed to apply to all of your phones.

You don’t do this with basefile edits. This is done with an EPM Custom Extension:


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