Need hep cant login to freepbx after update today

I did a update today and after the update i cant login to freebpx
when you login it will log you out right away

i did yum update it did php updates
and stuff

i do not no what to do at all

there is a pic what it is doing

Your message is incomprehensible,

If you are doing yum updates I assume you built this system yourself and are not using the distro?

You need to tell us much more about what you were doing, how the system was installed and on what OS and your version info.

FreePBX Distro Stable-5.211.65-8
Release Date-03-11-14
FreePBX 2.11, Linux 6.5
Asterisk 1.8 or 11

Ok, what were you updating when this broke and how?

You are not supposed to use yum, upgrade scripts are provided, please review the wiki entry on distro updates.

Need to know what you were trying to upgrade (if FreePBX were you using GUI or command line module_admin) and what process you were following?

i got a email from my pbx

UPDATE NOTICE: There are 4 modules available for online upgrades fw_ari (current: endpointman (current: core (current: directory (current:

i did the update not working any more

How did you do the update? From the FreePBX web GUI? You said you used yum? What else did you yum?

Do this

cd /var/lib/asterisk/bin
./module_admin upgradeall
./module_admin reload

Refresh your browser and see if that fixes it.