Need help

i need help i’ve search the web for 2-3 days now and can’t find anything to help me
would anyone be able to give me an example of what i need
i have 2 trixbox (trixboxa & trixboxb) those are about 1hour travel appart which mean long distance charge applied!!! head office is tribxoxb and my office trixboxa both have phone lines (pots) im not always in my office i want trixboxa to forward call trough my iax2 trunk that i maid and is working already to then go on trixboxb IVR system so then from there they can chose my extension if needed or extension of the other office!!!

ducknet, you have not provided enough details to give you a answer.

What versions of *, FreePBX? Yes it is possible.

One way is to configure Dundi so that each system knows about the other then you can see each others extensions with FreePBX 2.4 and just forward one to the other.

The other way is to create a custom extension that forwards it over the IAX to the IVR extension.

But providing exact directions without knowing the many needed details of your system is not possible.

extension list

1 physical phone line

extension list
101 - 107
IVR system is here
3physical phone line

want to route all my calls to ivr on trixboxb
running both trixbox 2.4 with freepbx need more information ???

EDIT: sorry forgot to say that i want it to be forwarded via voip instead of just forwarding to regular phone line since the other office is a long distance charge