Need help writing a custom dial plan that will allow me to call two separate sets of extensions and send different DTMF tones

I have two paging systems. One I need to dial 501, then #15
The other one 500 wait 2 seconds, 00 and then 0.

Is there a way to write a custom dial plan that will let me dial one number to make the announcement over both? I know how to send a DTMF tone in the dial plan, but I would need it to call both sets of extensions, send different DTMF tones to each and then conference them all in as one.

Thank you


If it literally as simple as your description of the process. Use the “Dial()” command to dial your intercom extensions. Associate it with an extension number (in the ‘exten’ field) and go to town.

Of course, as with most things Asterisk, there are several other approaches that will work as well, but this one seems the simplest.

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