Need Help with Voicemail BLF and Alert Tones

I’m working on setting up Voicemail BLF with alert tones in FreePBX. Followed the docs, but running into issues. Any tips or gotchas I should be aware of?

You’ll need to provide additional information.

It’s like when voicemail comes it blinks the BLF light, we want instead some ring notification alerting the user after some interval forcing him to read his pending voicemails or clear the voicemails.

Does the endpoint you use support this function the way it is implemented in FreePBX? What endpoint are you using?

cisco 7800 series phones.

Ah Cisco, nothing tends to work well on these phones and FreePBX without additional translation/customization. They are built for Cisco’s platform and Cisco does things their own way. Nothing is impossible, but sorry I don’t have experience with these phones.

Kindly check foolowing things:

  1. Verify correct BLF configuration in FreePBX and Cisco 7800 series phones.
  2. Customize voicemail notification settings in FreePBX and set alert tones on Cisco phones.

may be it will helpful for you to solve out problem

Best regard
Danish Hafeez | QA Assistant

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