Need help with pairing Dinstar DWG2000-8G with FreePBX

Hi all,
I spent already a week trying to setup siptrunks that work with the separate sim card channels in a DWG2000-8G (
I setup SIP Trunks for every sim channel.

  1. When I dial out from one of my Cisco 7960 to my Mobile, the mobile rings, and when pick up -> no sound on either end.
  2. When I dial one of the sim cards in the Dinstar gateway from my mobile I ALWAYS get a voice prompt “Please dial the extension number” - this is a configuration prompt that alows me to change IP address and so on on the gateway, and as far as I know this should be disabled by selecting option “NO” for “Play Voice Prompt for PSTN Incoming Calls” as well as “NO” for option “Enable PSTN Incoming Configuration”… but no luck, despite numerous restarts and factory resets. I also contacted Dinstar but no reply yet.

If anybody has experience with these Dinstar gateways, even not the exact model as most Dinstars gui’s look the same, at least to me. Please contact me, I can give you full root access to the FreePBX and the Dinstar Gateway (or Teamviewer ID and Pass) as the FreePBX and the Gateway are a test setup I am trying to prove working before installing the gateway in my office environment. I am willing to pay for the help via paypal or freelancer project or whatever suits you. I just need this done asap.

Thank you.

I have no experience with Dinstar but took a look at the manual. It’s unfortunately not very clear. For the GSM incoming issue, I believe that by default, the device prompts (by voice or dial tone) for a number to dial on the VoIP system. If you don’t want that, I would try setting To VoIP Hotline, e.g. for testing, to your PBX extension number, and/or “auto call” under Tel->IP operation.

For the audio issue, it appears that compression codecs are used by default. Try allowing only PCMA and PCMU.

Is the Dinstar on the same LAN as FreePBX? Any iptables settings that could block the audio? Anything interesting looged by Asterisk on failing outbound calls? Is the FreePBX otherwise working ok, e.g. can make and receive calls via SIP provider or a PSTN interface device?

I found , which you might find helpful.