Need Help With Inbound Routes With Anveo Trunk

Good afternoon, I need some help with the inbound routes with my Anveo trunk. I am trying to setup inbound routes for known callers so they don’t need to go through an IVR to get the phones to ring. I’ve tried creating an inbound route for my my cell phone number to test this out. However even when putting my cell number in for the CID it still just dumps me off into the general IVR that is set to take all other calls. I’ve tried changing things around, like making a second with with 1 before the number and trying a different number, and even removing the ‘any’ route to try to force it to use the route with my number, but I get the same result. I’m sure I am missing something simple, but I didn’t see anything from Anveo that’s obvious in case they required something different for it to work.

logs will help, otherwise we will remain as uninformed as you.

What’s the best way to get this information over to you? Which logs would you like to see?

Paste them here if short, use pastebin if long , we need to see logs of a failed call possibly contrasted with a working call.

Call in from your mobile, let it go to the IVR, then hang up. Look at the CDR report, in particular at the CallerID field. You should see your number in <> brackets. In your Inbound Route, the CallerID Number field should exactly match what you saw in the CDR.

This helped, I re-created the inbound routes with the DID mentioned there. Seems to be working from the ones I just made.
Thank you!

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