Need help with Custom Extensions

Unfortunately there is not “Hover Help” on the DIAL field in the
custom extension setup screen, and I have no idea what to put there.

Could someone who has working custom extensions post some samples?



Dial Should be SIP/ i.e. SIP/200

Google for asterisk extension.conf

If all you can put there is SIP/xxx like in an asterisk Dial command,
what is so special about “custom extensions”? What is “custom” about it?

The dial string can be anything.

I use it to Dial various H323 extensions using “H323/[email protected]” as the Dial string, for example.

How about SIP/(trunkname),externalpstnphonenumber

Has anyone tried that?

I tried this and didn’t work:


int the dial field

Local instead of SIP to dial.

Local/[email protected]

it worked if I tookout @telasip-gw

and outbound clid didn’t get setup. It used the clid of the extension phone.

Thanks for your help Tommy