Need help with CID

I have been using twillio with freepbx for a while but never noticed our CID was not working…

We emailed Twilio and got the CID added on there… But we still get null on the CID when we call out.
has anyone had the problem before and how do you fix it.

Not really sure what-else we need to do to get it working

Twilio Help Center

Also, note that if you are calling Canada, the CNAM sent on the trunk may be displayed; confirm using pjsip logger that it’s correct.

Otherwise, if you have waited at least two days after setting CNAM at Twilio, check by calling a landline – your mobile carrier and/or smartphone may be showing cached data. And if the number is in the callee’s contact list, that will generally override CNAM from the carrier.

Not calling Canada… Maybe its the Cached Data is there away to delete that on iphone?
I did have the number in the contact list then I deleted it to try out the CID if it was working or not

Does show the correct name?

yes it shows WA CONTR SERV

I doubt that this is Twilio’s fault. If you still suspect them, test calling AT&T or Verizon landlines.

Otherwise, call other mobiles to see whether phone or mobile operator is the culprit.

OK Thank you… I have to see how i can test AT&T and Verizon… I only know people with Tmobile and its showing none null on them

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