Need help with botched upgrade from 11 to 12


I pretty long while ago, I have upgraded from FreePBX 11 to FreePBX 12. Back then there was no upgrade module and I ran probably a dozen of scripts to gradually upgrade my then outdated 11 to latest 12.

As a result, I lost functionality DAHDI, CURL, System Admin Module and some other. Bit by Bit I was able to get CURL and SystemAdmin working, but I still miss UCP and DAHDI does not work either, which causes meetme not work. iSymphony is shown as unsigned module and running refreshsignatures returns bunch of good stuff, but also that it can not find /dev/dahdi/ctl… as the result the iSymhony is still unsigned.

My UCP is showing this symptoms. No page is found. The recordings forlder has only index.php file. If I run “amportal a ma download fm_ari”, I get error that “/dev/dahdi/ctl is empty or does not exist” and “Retrieved Module XML Was Empty”.

If anyone has any pointer, please. Thanks.