Need help with basic voip

i need help i a noob at this i need a basic voip system i have rpi 3 with freepbx on it and i have linksys spa 3102 i have have followed this guide wiki.freepbx .org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=55476525
i have checked everything is the same but i can not make calls on the phone wired to the spa 3102 on the status page of it it says the pstn Registration State: Failed not sure if meant to be like that but i think it is to did with my did number and dial plan as i have no idea what to do with it can some one pleas help thank you
also i dont know where the logs woud be


If you’re really a noob, I’d recommend simplifying your setup and get a cheap VOIP account and use that until you’ve got the rest of the system figured out.

Inbound calling and outbound calling are, for most purposes, completely separate and unrelated. Start by getting your phones to work first, then set up a VOIP provider and get that going. Get one working, then the other. Small steps - debug one thing at a time.

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