Need help to choose the right on-premise server for my customer

Hi, one of my customer plan to switch to FreePBX phone system. I have in the past config some “server” with sangoma card but I was asking today if there is any all in one solution for an system that include 4 standard phone line port directly instead of building a standard PC then add the sangoma card.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am not sure, but I suspect you are asking about FXO (or possibly FXS) ports. on some kind of prebuilt server?? crossstalksolutions (at the predictable dot com URL), has a couple choices. Their 745 can optionally be configured with 4 FXO, 4 FXS, 8 of each, or four and four. They also have a 716 and 717 that have 2 analog ports, but two is less than four of course.

Hi Paul, I try the link you propose but didn’t work.

Yes my question was if any prebuild system exist for an simple 4 standard phone line input.

Like any lenovo computer with an sangoma card with 4 ports for standard phone line

I had one too many "S"es in the name. Should have been crosstalksolutions dot com. I am a new poster so was unable to put a direct link. (checking if it will allow me now).

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