Need help setting up PRI NFAS

Hi folks, can anybody shed some light on how I can setup my 2 PRI’s as a NFAS group on FreePBX? Im running (2) TE110P’s and have no problems getting them working as standalone PRI’s but I’d love to have that 2nd D-Channel as a B-Channel. The settings I’m looking for don’t appear to be in the DAHDI config to set what I’m looking for. I’m running the freepbx distro 6.12.65… Any help is appreciated.

explains NFAS usage, but you will probably have to disable the dahdi-helper in FreePBX though as it will likely overwrite your work.

(of course the PRI’s need to be also provisioned as NFAS by your provider )

it looks like I’m going to have to do a lot of uncommenting… yuck. How do i turn off the dahdi-helper?

Thanks for the quick reply…

It’s a module, so in module administration. But if you look, it’s probably only a few lines of addition to what is already working.