Need help setting up dial patterns for 2 lines

I have been using FreePBX for over 4 years. I had it set up with two lines, one for incoming, one for outgoing. One is a copper POTS line, one is an analog line to a Charter VOIP modem. Now, due to changes in phone fees, I want to move long distance dialing to the 2nd line. I can’t make it dial out on the 2nd line.

So, I now have outbound routes/dial plan for 911 and XXXXXXX on the first line (g0), and
XXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXX (10 and 11 X’s) on the 2nd line (g1).

When I dial a 1-800 number, I usually get immediate ring sound, but it does not pick up either line. If I dial again quickly, it seems to sometimes divert to the 1st line, maybe because it thinks line 2 is still in use.

I have tested calling out with the Charter modem with a POTS phone, and it works fine.
I have swapped the FXO modules in the TDM400P+ card, no difference. Reboot made no difference (system had been up 196 days at that point.)
Line 2 works fine to receive calls.

So, now I have run out of ideas. Obviously, this is a mis-configuration of Asterisk. I’m using a FreePBX version of Since this is not exposed in any way on the net, I’m not so concerned about the version. (No real VOIP lines, firewall between it and the WAN.)

Can anyone think of a reason why the dial pattern on the 2nd line would not cause it to dial out on the g1 line?



Well, I think I found it. the trunk/dahdi settings did not set it for analog channel 2.
It now seems to be working. Sorry for the noise.


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