Need Help Getting Started!

Hello everyone,
I just need a bit of help getting started with my home voip setup.

Presently I have 4 Cisco 7940Gs, that are running the P0S3-06-3-00 firmware and an FreePBX server running version 10.12.0. I want to use as my sip provider and my network uses NAT. I also have a dynamic public IP address.

I am just wondering exactly how I can hook up the server to my SIP trunk, does provide configuration samples to assist with this. Then I want to make a connectionf rom my IP phones to the sever to make out going calls and page internal handsets.

I am also having a little bit of trouble setting up te configuration files with the cisco phones.

So far I have the file pointing to my PBX and directly to but once I select the line and dial nothing happens or I get a http timeout.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

I know it seems you gave us enough detail to help however you left out some important info.

What concerns me is your statement that does not provide config samples for FreePBX. I was curios about this statement so I went and had a look. On the home page of is a FreePBX setup link. is also replete with examples of home to setup your service.

You say you are having trouble with the Cisco config file but you did not give an example of what trouble you are having. FreePBX end point manager generates these files for you. All you have to do is point the phones at the server. There are so many posts about 7940’s and Asterisk/FreePBX Google stops at 1000 results.

You need to be more specific about the issues you are having and avail yourself of the existing resources.

Welcome to the community, once you get things sorted out let us know how we can help.