Need help getting started. No sound between extensions

I’ve actually installed PBX In a Flash but since that uses FreePBX, I figured that I might be able to get some help here.

I’ve got PIAF-Green-64bit installed into a testing machine. I have also installed IncrediblePBX and IncredibleFAX to go with it.

I’ve managed to add a trunk which has been registered with my provider (however I’m getting a warning that there is no route setup for this trunk).

I’ve managed to setup 2 extensions:
70001 - Extension 1
70002 - Extension 2

I’ve installed 2 SIP apps on 2 different android devices. Both successfully registered with my PIAF server. I can enter the extension for the second extension and it will ring. I can connect, but nothing happens from there. No sound is transferred in either direction.

Could someone possibly point me in the right direction to figure this out please?

Is there nobody that can help me with this issue? Please.

You should have spent the last 14 hours researching, start with the wiki here , follow the rules and it will all work and even tell you how to define a route to work with your trunk.

I have spent more than 14 hours researching this problem and have looked at the wiki and can’t find what I need. OR, I don’t know what to look for. If you could point me in the direction of what to look for that would be much appreciated.

You posted

(however I’m getting a warning that there is no route setup for this trunk).

I suggest you concentrate on the bits that talk about defining outbound routes and how to attach trunks to them, as to your “no sound” problem, my guess is that as with all the other hundreds of posts of the same ilk posted here, that you need to look at how NAT should be setup for your particular instance.