Need Help : Follow-me + Call from external

I am using FreePBX with Asterisk
I have 01 Outbound route to PSTN network which requires PIN entered.
I also setup Follow-me for my extension : Call to my extension, after 20s without answer, call to my handphone number (PSTN network).

The problem is : When external party (from PSTN) make a call to my extension, after 20s without answer, it will redirect to my handphone number through Outbound route, but the external party have to enter PIN to access Outbound route !!!

Is there any way to allow external call can be redirected to PSTN network through Outbound route without provide PIN (of course the call originate from internal still need to provide PIN when access Outbound route.) ??

Thanks all

Doesn’t sound like it since the PIN requirement is on the network, not Asterisk. Why do you need a PIN for local dialing? Why not setup PIN dialing for long distance only?

I could be wrong though - it may be possible and probably by some low level programming in Asterisk, but in FreePBX, I don’t think it’s something you can setup through the GUI.