Need Help Directing Calls from Queue to Agent's Voicemail


I’ve been trying to configure my system to direct calls from a Queue to one of the dynamic agents’ voicemail boxes without success. Despite various attempts, including setting up a virtual extension and using that in the queue, the calls keep ringing endlessly in the queue without reaching the voicemail.

I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions, or guidance on how to successfully route these calls to the agents’ voicemail.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Can you explain your workflow further? The purpose of a queue call is to avoid voicemail and reach a live caller (…if not this agent, then the next).

The workflow for the on-call queue involves managing a team of 4 dynamic agents who are scheduled to log in on different days of the week. The purpose of this setup is to ensure that the agent on call gets the voicemail studies the answer and get back with client.

What you are asking to do would likely require some custom work.

If you are not familiar with the underpinnings of FreePBX dial plan:

  • Set queue Retry to No Retry. This would try an agent once, then force the call from queue.
  • Set the queue failover destination to a shared voicemail box
  • Direct the end users to access the one shared mailbox during their coverage times

Something closer to your original request, but requires more effort on your part

  • Set queue Retry to No Retry. This would try an agent once, then force the call from queue.
  • Set the queue failover destination to a dynamic route
  • Use the dynamic route to perform a query to see who is signed into the queue and return the extension value
  • In the dynamic route set four destinations to the four voicemail boxes
  • Assuming only one extension is signed in at a time, the dynamic route will pull that extension value and send the call to the appropriate voicemail.
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I think you’re forgetting about the actual timeout settings. If certain timeouts are set to 0 then the call will stay in the queue until the caller disconnects. It won’t go to the failover/alternate destination like a voicemail box.

So what are the actual queue settings that would allow for a caller to be removed from the queue in X seconds to be sent to voicemail if no agents are available or answer in Y seconds.

Thank you very much for you answer, I will definitely try it, but how can I do this ?

Thanks in advance

Dynamic Routes Module - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (

You’ll need to come up with a custom query to collect that information. You’ll likely need to spend some time researching what you need to do. The wiki above will give you an overview with examples of how dynamic routes works.

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Thank you so much @comtech ended up doing URL lookup and that worked perfect !!! :grinning:

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