Need help creating a 2nd trunk


I’m trying to configure an inbound analog line to ring the ‘back line’. There are 3 analog lines total. The first two hit the IVR, the last should go straight to a ring group and bypass the IVR.

The Asterisk/FreePBX 2.7 system is up and running fine, the IVR is fine, the ring group works (it’s actually a destination from the IVR). I am changing a known working system.

I believe I need to:

  • edit /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf
  • create a second trunk and assign the channel to it
  • create a new inbound route and send calls to the ‘back line’ ring group
  • is this correct or is there a missing step?

In the chan_dahdi.conf I added a new section, everything was copied from the section above but changes are:

In FreePBX I added a second trunk, set the ‘Zap identifier trunk name: g1’ >>> ‘g1’ = ‘group=1’ correct? I believe the existing ‘Zap identifier trunk name: g0’ is equal to group=0 in the first section of the chan_dahdi.conf

I do not see how to tie the Inbound Route to group1 though. Right now when you dial the number you still go into the IVR system.

Any ideas or steps I’m missing?

Vegastech - I’m still using zaptel so your dahdi experience may differ. I set up the 3 zap trunks in the zap channel dids. This was the only way I could get the individual trunks to go to different destinations as 2 were for business so went to an IVR and 1 was for private and went to a ring group. I also put them in their own trunk groups and changed their context to: context = from-zaptel.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I’m a bit fuzzy when it comes to when/where I can use zaptel versus dahdi.

I did see the in the new release of AsteriskNOW 1.7/Freepbx 2.7 that there is a ‘real’ dahdi module. It’d be helpful to know for a fact that I never need to use anything zap related.

Great, it looks like that is the fix. It worked just fine on my local/test box.