Need Dial plan to call forward to a number, pause with no prompt, then enter 4 digit LD code in DTMF

SIP noob. These are instructions I’ve received but I don’t have a ‘Send DTMF’ field in my extension creation app:
Go to Applications > Extensions.
Click on the Add Extension button.
In the Extension field, enter the extension number you want to use.
In the Description field, enter a description for the extension.
In the Secret field, enter a strong password for the extension.
In the Caller ID field, enter the phone number you want to display when calling out from this extension.
In the Outgoing Settings section, select the SIP trunk you want to use for this extension.
In the DTMF Mode field, select RFC 2833.
In the Send DTMF field, enter the DTMF tones you want to send.
Click on the Submit button.
The extension is now configured to send a phone number, then pause, and then send DTMF tones on the specified SIP trunk. FreePBX v15.0.37.4, Asterisk v18.10.1

Those are not instructions for FreePBX, unless modified in some way that is not common.

There are a few threads here in the forum discussing this, including:

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