Need Calling phone to display CID Num Alias not Extension

My calling phone is displaying the extension number of the extension being called not the “CID Num Alias” info.
I need the outgoing to display the 5310 which is the info in the CID Num Alias not the 40042735 the actual extension number. We have executives who have numbers that are confidential and should not show up anywhere.
Have tried turning off Display CalledID on “Calling Phone” and “Display Dialed Number on calling Phone” neither of which worked.
I can get the 5310 to display in both locations by changing the extension setting of “Send RPID” to NO or “Send Remote-Party-ID header” instead of “Send P-Asserted-Identity header” but then I lose the callerID Name info :frowning:

Any feedback and/or guidance would be much appreciated.

What if you tried to manipulate the header in dial plan?

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