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I am seeking help in customizing the IVR Module within FreePBX. My goal is to incorporate a recording (e.g., “one-moment-please”) before the call gets transferred to the appropriate destination. I managed to achieve this successfully once before with the assistance of ChatGPT, but unfortunately, I am facing challenges this time around.

Specifically, I would like to implement the following workflow:

Caller dials the designated IVR number.
IVR answers the call and plays the “one-moment-please” recording.
After the recording finishes, the call is forwarded to the correct destination based on the caller’s input.
I would greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or guidance from the community to get this working again. If anyone has experience with customizing the IVR Module in FreePBX or a similar scenario, your expertise would be invaluable.

Thank you all in advance for your time and assistance!

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A recording in an IVR is typically to instruct the caller what options are available and then for them to select said option. Your call flow as described doesn’t call for them to make a selection?

If you want to just play a recording and then send the call somewhere else you want to look at the Announcements module or possibly you want to send a caller to the announcements module from the IVR and then send them on to the desired destination?

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I’ve done it, I modified the source code to allow my system to do that,

PS I know it’s not in the stock version

You don’t need to modify any source code.

Set up a system announcement with “one moment please” for each IVR option (name the announcements with numbers which correspond to the IVR selections).

Direct each announcement to the relevant IVR destination.

Then divert each IVR option to the relevant announcement.

Modifying the code make to play every time, in the long run it quicker,
I just needed to add a playback command into the dial plan that handles correct inputs

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