Need AGI script

Hello Sir,

Plz give me AGI script, I am also struggling. plz some one help me.

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AGI script for what?

And in what language?

Dear Sir,

I want to connect FreePBX to Dinstar Gateway. And also want to call pass there.How can i do it ? I setup 2 FreePBX Server.
Plz sir help. Need your help.

Dear Sir,

I am very new in this project. someone say try that way:

I setup 2 FPX server. now what can i do?

PLz sir help me to fiend out a solution.

You don’t need an AGI script. All you need are trunks and routes.

Since English is not your first language, and the documentation is in English you need to find someone that speaks your native language and understands FreePBX/Asterisk.

What is your native language, we have many multi-lingual members.

Change your subject to “need help in xxxx” where xxx is your language.

I would ask that “someone” what they mean exactly. As a newbie, just get the connection from GSMGateway to FBX1 working perfectly first. If that is working, what are you trying to do then?

Dear sir,

How to connect from GSMGateway to FBX1 ?

And also sir thank for your comment.

Presumably with an authenticated SIP “account” set up between the two devices, I assume your Gateway has that information published, you will need to study that. Look to the wiki here (under “community” at the top of this page) for how to do the FreePBX side.

Dear sir,
I am very new in this project. I want to connect, GSMGateway to FreePBX. And also want to call pass there.

How can i do it sir.
Plz help me sir and thank for your comments.

We answered your question. With a SIP trunk. I also made recommendations on how to get help.

Begging will get you nothing.