Need advices for a cloud freepbx

First of all sorry for my english.
I have some trouble with freepbx in a cloud behind a pfsense,
I think my configuration is all good, i followed this: and a ton of other tutorial for setup freepbx with pfsense…
Anyway, trunk sometimes disconnect, extensions won’t connect, siproxd seem not working correctly, etc… etc… im about to give up and im sure all my problems are due to NAT and pfsense…

I would like to have some advices for the best cloud solution for freepbx (do i really need a pfsense?)
can’ t i setup a freepbx with a wan public ip and use iptables or something else? Use different ports etc…
or maybe something working much better than pfsense for NAT…
There is my schema:

Hyper-v hosted by OVH with a public ip
Pfsense configured with a Fail-Over ip routed to my hyper-v ip (can it be a problem with a freepbx?)

Thanks a lot !

pfsense and SIP aren’t always friends. They can be problematic. does cloud hosting of FreePBX so does
Outside of the US

All of these companies use a cloud environment designed for VoIP and FreePBX. There are other companies that will host anything but it is a bit like trying to use a Prius to pull a tractor trailer. Yeah you can but you shouldn’t.

Thanks for your reply jfinstrom!
Anyway i don’t want someone or a company to host my voip server, i want to own my server, that is the point!