Need a method to add a Manager to a Queue after a period of time

I have a need to add a extension (ie a Manager) to a queue after a period of time when a call is held in a queue.

Whats complicated about this is the need to stay within the same queue due to the statistical requirements (QXact) of the business, thus jumping to a new queue isnt the answer. The later was the old days answer, but due to the management liking the method of QXact, they wish to see the call handled by the department in just one queue.

So any ideas colleagues?

Look at VQ Plus. One of the features is to change the min and max agent penalties for a caller over time. What I mean is you would log in the manager with a agent penalty of lets say 100. But your normal penalty range on the queue would be 0-99 or 0-0. Then you would setup a Escalation rule that says change the min and max penalty range for what agents to dial after XXX time and change the min and max to be either 0-100 or 100-100 to pickup that manager.

Thanks Tony, that’s looks good. I’ll give it a try.

You could also set a time limit on the que then transfer them to another que with manager…

Max, Please see below from OP …

Sorry Tony, does not work in 12.0.57 latest. Only generic queue behaviour works, not plus.
Followed instructions at
The system is licensed for VQ Plus.
I will now open a support ticket.

Just a little more, confirmed with support that its not possible to do the action with VQPlus and asterisk queue module.

Any other ideas?