Need a Door Phone/Access Control device for PBXact UC60

I have a new client who currently has a Viking Paging System, NEC UX5000 Analog Line phone system, and a NEC Doorbell/Access device with 16 phones.

I just sold them on the PBXact UC60 with 16 S505 phones, now I plan to interface the Viking system with a SNOM PA SIP Adapter, unless there is a better solution, and I need to be able to have a device at the front door that the customer pushes the button, a call is made to the staff, and two way audio between them plus a door release trigger on the staff allowing entry happens.

The maglock system is already in place, I just need the switch… Any suggested products?

Thanks in advance for the knowledge!

Has anyone used this product as a solution?
Algo 8028 SIP Door Phone / IP Intercom

Hi Mike,

Mike here from Sangoma… I’ve used this product in several applications. Do you need to re-use the wiring at the door today? If so, the 8028 is probably your best bet. The 8028 a two-part product - it can use the pre-existing wiring at the door so there’s no need to pull a network cable to the outdoor intercom. This means that the SIP device and the door relay are located safely in your telco closet.

Also, if you have 3rd party phones on your PBXact deployment, you should be able to provision one, however, the new G2 version is currently untested AFIK.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

I’ve installed a number of Fanvil door phone (i31s, i23s, i21s) with good results (six devices on interior and exterior doors through a facility), controlling door strikes or magnets depending on the location. I chose these units as we wanted rfid fob entry in addition to sip calling.

I haven’t used an Algo door phone, but based on experience with their SIP paging adapters I’d imagine they’d be great to work with too.

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