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Is there any way I can nag my staff to actually listen to the voicemails which come in? At the moment we have about five Digium phones scattered about the warehouse. Voicemails from the general public land on only one of them. Staff seem to love to ignore the flashing red light. I’d love to either:-

  • Send a message to popup on the Zulu desktop client that a voicemail has been left
  • Trigger a call file every five mins or so to play an announcement “unlistened to voicemail!”
  • Forward the message to all the other Digium phones BUT (think this bit is impossible) if one of them listens to the message, mark it as read/delete it on the others too
  • Some other way of accessing a shared voicemail box from all the phones from the hard buttons on the Digium handset (don’t think this is possible)

Any tips most welcome!!

Ultimately you really have a lot of flexibility on what you can do, as long as you are willing to code it custom.

Before that have you reviewed the VM Blasting and VM Notify modules to see if something already built might fit well enough?

in addition to what @comtech mentioned, You can set up a virtual extension with voicemail setup for it. I assume you have a ring group set up. When the ring group is not answered, you can have the virtual extension voicemail box as the “Destination if no answer.”

Then on all the extensions, you can setup a BLF for that voicemail box which can make the BLF flash when there is a voicemail…

You can also forward copies of the voicemail message to email accounts if you have the server setup properly,

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Perhaps also, “crontab -u asterisk” pseudo code

*/5 * * * * if [ -f /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/NNNN/INBOX/msg0000.txt ] ; then /var/lib/asterisk/bin/;fi

Trying this now, dicko, it’s EXACTLY the kind of thing I was thinking of. THANK YOU.

Works absolutely perfectly !! Go @dicko

Does this work with Zulu?

It works at the base Asterisk level, it has nothing to do with Zulu.

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