Mystery Chan SIP Peer

I have a mystery chan sip peer 90112 that I can’t seem to get rid of. When I go to etc/asterisk/sip_additional.conf I can see it there but when I delete it and save it is repopulated. Any idea how to truly get rid of this extension?

IIRC, it’s a WebRTC extension. I want to say disabling and/or removing WebRTC will remove it???

Devices prefixed with 90 are Zulu extensions, which you control in User Management. Similarly, devices with a 99 prefix are for WebRTC and are similarly controlled in userman.

So Zulu is disabled and there is no extension 112. Maybe enable zulu?

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So I enabled Zulu on the server. Went to the Zulu portion and found 0 of 2 users. I can’t find anywhere where this 90112 user is. I don’t even have a 112 extension. I try to delete the 90112 from the extensions.conf folder but it keeps replacing itself

Manually browse to the URL:


and delete the offending entry


Now that’s a trick I’ve never seen before. Thank you!

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