Mysql ()

Hi all,
I have a AsteriskNow 1.7 Freepbx 2.7 running since some weeks. Today I installed a new machine with the same iso. On my old machine I’m using MYSQL() in the diaplan. I also tried to use it on the new machines diaplan, but it just doesn’t work. I have installed the same modules via the Module Admin like on the old machine. I installed some modules manually on the old machine, but I don’t remember which one. But normally I thin, that I don’t have to install something for using MYSQL().

Does anyone of you have an idea what’s wrong?
The call just ends with the first MYSQL() request in the diaplan.

Thanks for your help!


Hi micke!
Thanks for your answer - it works!

Could anyone add the update advice from Shaggy (yum install asterisk16.x86_64) directly to the Howto? Without update, it didn’t work!