MySQL Database in freePBX


Is there a command line to check if the MySQL databse works well in freePBX . I think i have a problem.

Thanks !

Login as root and type

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Thanks !

Issue >>
I recently disabled the dahdi configuration writes module because i had made a bunch of set of manually for my cards on the /etc/dahdi.conf file,in order to keep theses changes it is useful to me to disable this module,so now on the UI, for analog card, when i make a change for example, i need to select an existing group for an outbound call i.e **group 1 round robin decsending** then i click the apply button, when i logged again on this page it does not keep it, it changes to **group 0 round robin acsending.**

If someone know how to fix this, it’ll help much.

Look forward to your reply.

Thanks !