Mysql crashing when using endpoint manager

When attempting to update extensions I get /var/www/html/admin/libraries/utility.functions.php

This appears to be because mariadb is crashing

Seems you can fix with a repair but it keeps happening

Sangoma seems to think this is a template issue. If you reboot the pbx and run mysqlcheck --auto-repair --all-databases, it works for a couple weeks, then comes back. How can that be corrupt templates?

Next time it happens get into MySQL with fwconsole mysql command and do SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM asterisk; or even SHOW TABLE STATUS WHERE comment LIKE '%crash%'; since once the table is marked as crashed and needs repair it will be in the comment section.

See which table(s) are actually in need of repair.

I am not sure if using the T58V for a T58A phone would cause this? I’ve done it with other models no issues.

Well first lets see what actual tables are being locked up and then we can figure out what to do about it. This could be locking a completely unrelated table for EPM.

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