Mysql CDR and Call Monitor log do not work after upgrading from Asterisk 1.6 to 1.8

Following instructions on the website, I recently upgraded Asterisk from v1.6 to v1.8. Since then, the CDR records in mysql database stopped forming, and I also can not see any new records in Call Monitor. Calls are being recorded to wavefiles, but the data about the recordings is obviously not being written to the database. I have tried to set the parameters of mysql connection in Advanced Settings of the FreePBX Tools, following the instructions given on this community, but with no success. I used the following parameters:

Remote CDR DB Host: localhost
Remote CDR DB Name: asteriskcdrdb
Remote CDR DB Password: fpbx
Remote CDR DB Port: 3306
Remote CDR DB Table: cdr
Remote CDR DB Type: mysql
Remote CDR DB User: freepbx

Since these settings worked perfectly fine with Asterisk 1.6, I do not know where to look any more. Is the asteriskcdrdb database even used both by the Reports and the Call Monitor? I would appreciate any constructive idea.

the /var/log/asterisk/full file for errors after making a test call.
It’s possible that the cdr_mysql isn’t loading and also possible that the mysql password has been changed.

I guess that the cdr_mysql module doesn’t load. It isn’t present in modules directory, and I don’t know how it got lost during the upgrade. Does anyone know of an option to add this module to the existing installation of asterisk without losing all the settings?

You need to do make menuselect in Asterisk source dir. Then go to Addons and mark cdr_mysql. Save it and do make and make install

Thank you, Mikael, this helped.