My voice causing DTMF tone in call

Hello guys,
I have a wierd problem when I call to someone via FreePBX 15 and provider’s VoIP Trunk .
The called person told me that he sometimes hear beep when I speaking.
After some research I saw it in wireshark - I trully hit the number 7 and / or 8 mostly everytime when I say for example ‘pass’. (The alphabetical “a” causing that problem):smiley:

So I will appreciate any help to how to disable sending or accepting DTMF on my line.
Maybe better:
I really don’t know where to set anything to solve this problem. Should I rewrite trunk, outbound / inbound route, extension?
Can I even affect that on my FreePBX?

I tried set trunk on dtmfmode = info / rfc2833 / inband.
Changed codecs.
But nothing helps (some settings causing that in less frequency, but it still appears sometimes).

I tried simulate that problem to hear that beep, so I made announcement and now when call to myself from outside line, I hear Gandalf from Lord of the Rings says:
You shall not paaass.
And everytime he spoke ‘paaaass’ It’s beep and in wireshark I see DTMF event 7 or 8

But still don’t know how to solve that.

Thanks for replies

thats a pretty consistent vocal tone if you’re hitting 7/8 while talking :smiley:

Don’t know. Supposed there is some wrong config in PBX because what’s happening is really wierd :smiley:
I read on forums that set dtmfmode to inband should help, but obliviously not for me.

So have you got any advice?

Talk-off is a known problem with all DTMF systems. Inband only helps to the extent that you start with inband, convert to something else, then convert back to inband. In same some cases it could make it worse, as it could create an inband to out of band transition, e.g. if the local phone to Asterisk is RFC 2833, there is no need to do an inband to out of band conversion, but if it is inband, Asterisk will need to do that, if only to detect feature codes. In a fully VoIP mode, setting everything to RFC2833/4733 would probably be best, as the genuine DTMF would remain out of band end to end.

oof. in-band is DEFINITELY not going to help you.

inband is the “BEEEEEEEP” you can hear in the line - its … its in-band with your audio.

you likely want devices that use out-of-band DTMF, where the DTMF is a separate sip packet.

Thank you guys for replies.
I set all devices on RFC2833, but stil not helped.
So back to my root question: Is it possible to generally disable DTMF detection on FreePBX? Speaking about General setting, Trunk setting, Extensions setting.
I made test polygon with GSM gateway for that and on that gateway is checkbox “Disable DTMF detector (to GSM):” and when I set that, it seems that’s helped.
So is it possible to make somekind of that on FreePBX?

Thanks for recommendation

If set to RFC2833 then Asterisk isn’t listening for DTMF as audio, so your voice would be of no consequence to it. It would be outside things (such as this GSM gateway you’re referring to) or other things. That seems to be what your problem is, and is not something you can really control in Asterisk.

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