My 'Secure Remote' for FreePBX via SSH

I don’t know if anyone else uses it, but I found a nice little app for windoze that does instant ssh tunneling with very easy configuration,

Called SDT Connector.

Probably not new to some, but it is a nice way into my remote PBX’s cause there’s no VPN, and it is still secure and quick.

I understand that you can do a socks proxy via Putty on a PC? How would you configure sshd to work with this client and what services would be exposed?

Is the client free?

Does it support shared certificates?

it is free, test it out, you can add private keys, not sure about shared certs.

there’s no config, if you can putty/ssh to it, you can tunnel though it. works with any box with openssh, including freepbx’s distro