My routes Automatically deleted

Yesterday night my calling was down, after checking my Outbound routes disappear… can anybody knows why my routes gone .?? any suggestion …this is 2nd time i face in this week.!

Who has access to your PBX (what kind and version is it? You have us no info)?

Is FreePBX exposed to Internet?

I’m no expert, but it sounds you’re hacked. I hope you dont have international calls allowed through your provider. Do a nano /var/log/secure and look for suspicious logins or brute force attempts.

Make sure your iptables are set up right (or hardware firewall). If you access it from a remote location, block your SSH port and only allow your IP address if it’s static, and maybe one more IP address you have access to as a backup. Change your SSH port altogether while you’re at it.
If you have remote extensions, only allow SIP from those IP addresses and your trunk provider.
Change all your passwords, (extensions, linux, freepbx gui)

If you don’t have any remote extensions, just block everything with your hardware firewall and only allow SIP/RTP traffic from your trunk provider’s IP address. If using iptables, don’t forget to allow ssh and freepbx gui from LAN.

hope this helps