My phones lose registration

(Carlos) #1

I have several telephones with remote extensions and I have a failure in only 3 terminals, on occasion all 3 register with the same port and when I call one extension, it goes to another, and loses the registration, they can make calls but not receive them

(Tom Ray) #2

That’s a NAT/Firewall issue where the remote phones are. You need to look there.

(Carlos) #3

The strange thing is that in the same place where those phones do not work there are about 5 more phones and the rest works without problems

(Tom Ray) #4

Not really. Pretty much still a NAT/Firewall issue.

(Carlos) #5

I have already reviewed everything I do not understand where this error and even more than other phones work in the same place and with the same ip, any advice to review?

(Tom Ray) #6

The PBX is going to send things to WANIP:WANPORT then your router/firewall is going to NAT that to LOCALIP:LOCALPORT so if the PBX is sending a call/audio to WANIP:WANPORT and the router NAT’s that to the wrong LOCALIP:LOCALPORT then it’s a NAT issue.

I get that some of the phones work but some of the phones don’t. Again that is a NAT issue, the router might not be able to hold that many NAT states in memory or is dropping them to fast or not keeping them opening.

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