My Freepbx is missing paging and intercom feature codes

My Freepbx Paging and intercom is not working properly as i tried to use it.When i tried to dial *80 then extension number for intercom calls then calls are ended.I found that i dont have the Paging and intercom option in Feature code page but in my other freepbx box intercom is working fine and i have the paging and intercom section on Feature code page.

Can you help me on that how can i get working paging intercom feature code?

Hi @roney019
Pls check Paging and Intercom module configuration wiki pages.

Sounds like the module is not installed:

Hi thanks.In module admin i can see the module is installed.i can create the paging groups also from Application -->Paging and Intercom.

i checked the docs and configured the paging group.but as like other system the feature code is not in Feature code admin page by which we use a intercom.My other system has the Feature code for intercom and paging and those systems are working fine.

try doing a PCAP capture and report back with your findings

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