My firewall rules are corrupted

Hello everybody,
When my server start, the firewall don’t start because he has corrupted rules.
When i check the logs i have this:

Someone can help me please ?

Hi @Valentin
You have to provide here more details about your System? Just screenshot is not enough.
FreePBX version, Module versions (framework, firewall, core, etc) and is this system custom build or it was installed from FreePBX iso ?

Any error logs at security, fail2ban, httpd side?

Thank for your answer.
My version of FreePBX is
My FreePBX was installed from FreePBX iso.

There is my modules versions:

There are no errors on the logs of fail2ban but there are errors on the gui logs

Your previous post shows errors that FreePBX cannot connect to Asterisk, that is a problem that needs to be resolved or a lot of things will fail to work. In your last post, there are errors showing that the default UDP transport isn’t loading because there are errors.

Both things things will result in stuff not working or perhaps not even loading right. Fix those issues and see if that helps. Regardless of firewall rules, the primary transport not loading and FreePBX not being able to connect to Asterisk are issues that will not allow the PBX to function properly.

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Thank for your answer, i have reconnected Asterisk, it worked.
Thank you very much.

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