My DAHDi screen is missing in 64bit Distro 3.211

Downloaded and installed FreePBX distro - 64 Bit 3.211.63, with FreePBX 2.11 and Asterisk 11. Install went pretty smooth. I could hit the GUI. However, installing my Sangoma and DAHDI has has me confused.

First, I downloaded the Schmooze DAHDI User Guide. It states "Log in to the DAHDI module". That is my issue, I cannot locate it. I have a Sangoma Analog card with 4 FXO modules. The guide shows the 2.11 screens and I have my print out from my 2.9 install. (left menu had DAHDI option and when clicked there was  a Digital Hardware section and Analog Hardware Section),  How do I get to this screen in 2.11?

I then came across: .  I followed the steps, yum install wanpipe*, setup-sangoma, reboot.  I ran the command dahdi_cfg -vv  (fyi, it is spelled wrong in the guide, it shows it at dadhi_cfg -vv) and it shows my 4 channels.

However, in the GUI, I am still missing the DAHDI screen.  What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Go to module admin and check for updates and install the dahdi module from there. It will then show up under connectivity.

Thanks! I will try it tonight and follow up.

I am also facing the same problem. I have to use setup-sangoma install A200. even checking by on-line module, I can not see dahdi conf module.

i installed PBX Firmware:4.211.64-5, PBX Service Pack:, sangoma A200, I still see the “login in dahdi mode”. you state:
When you log into the DAHDI module in FreePBX the first time the system will warn you that if you continue and enable the module any existing setup you have for any DAHDI cards that you setup manually will be lost and overridden.

I could not see any tips when i login.

I am running this exact version of the FreePBX distro on a test server in my lab right now.

Are you saying that when you look at the “Admin” menu and select “Module Admin”, then select the “Basic” and “Extended” repositories and click on “Check Online” that you do not get a list of modules? In that list of modules are you not seeing a “DAHDI Config”?

Look at this WIKI link and review how to install a module.

This link explains how to install a module from the CLI

The DADHI Config module is dahdiconfig

There is a lot of information in the WIKI about how to install, manage and use FreePBX.

I clicked the on-line modules few times, the dahdi conf came out and I installed that. Initially, the system does not install dahdi conf, I must install from online module.

Yes that is because many users dont understand the implications of the module and usually install it and run it over top of an existing dahdi setup and then all hell breaks lose.