MWI to remote Extensions on another PBX

I used to have a solution on chan_sip to pass MWI messages across a trunk to an extension on another PBX.

Does anyone know if PJSIP has a solution to achieve that?

kinda like this ?

Thanks, that looks like the solution. I will try it out and see how I get on.

cool - let us know how it goes !

this is a good read as well:

I especially liked the final comments describing a central extension state location for multiple systems

You may be able to tweak this technique used for sharing BLF’s to track MWI’s as well’s+using+PJSIP

There is a native asterisk method for sharing device state, which includes mwi, between asteriski

which includes

Instead of having each server have to poll an ODBC database, this lets the server that actually made the change to the mailbox generate an event which will get distributed to the other servers that have subscribed to this information.

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