MWI shared VM on Polycom VVX 400

I have a small deployment I am working on and I am looking to have a shared mailbox indicator for all desk phones, which are VVX 400s and a handful of VVX 300s. There will be no individual voicemail for any of the extensions for now. The shared mailbox is setup as a virtual extension.

I also want the voicemail button to route to this shared mailbox.

Is there a way to do this?


Perhaps it is already solved, but have you try manually adding voicemail info in Mailbox?

Suppose shared mailbox is “[email protected]”, and you allocate 1001, 1002, 1003, etc… extensions to Polycom VVX phones, then you can add “[email protected]” to Mailbox field (Applications → Extensions → <select VVX’s extensions> → Advanced → Edit Exteions → Mailbox) to all of them.

On Polycom VVX phone side, you can modify Message Center category parameter as in below. (In my case, I am using VVX 601)

When the phone is provisioned with exteions, MWI indicator lit if any messages are in the box, and when mailbox is accessed, “Commedian Mail ~” voice prompt will be played and mailbox extension and PIN will be asked for access.